Tania Does A Lot

Interview with Tania Dominguez-Rangel

October 12, 2023


Tania Dominguez-Rangel is a DACA recipient I met on my travels abroad in Europe. We were both traveling on advanced parole with the Cultural Leadership Fellowship! We would find speakeasies and talk about life, love, and processing our experience. I would come to learn this girl is full-on doing the most–from her podcast, The Most Interesting People on My Timeline to her work with the Undocumented Filmmakers Collective. This girl was meant to be a star, I mean come on, look at her! In this episode, we talk about her experience in education, her love for Tumblr, singing, and YouTube creation, and about some of the cool people she met along the way. Special shout-outs to Maggie Loredo, Karla, and Nicole Solis-Sison! Enjoy!
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