2020 Recap

Highligting clips from this year.

December 19, 2020


We had some other amazing episodes including Journey to Self, Undocuboss, Gio Takes the States and My American Dream.

Coming up next week will be our Holiday Special with Undocuprofessionals. And we will be wrapping up the New Year with someone really special to me and many of the people I’ve recorded with.

Intentions for 2021: Before I share our goals and intentions for this new year. I want to also share what I’ve been grieving. I’ve been grieving not seeing my family and friends. I feel so stagnant without human interaction. I am also grieving a lot of death. As many of us are.

When we started this podcast I was very angry. I still am but I had no way of releasing my anger. Honestly, I’m calling this a relaunch/reintroduction because I am an evolving person. If you listen to some of our earlier episodes I was sad and you could hear the hurt in my voice, you could probably tell I was also under the influence for some. I have done a lot of thinking, healing and creating. And I’m truly pouring my heart into this work.

Our intentions and goals for the year include:

  • Consistency
  • Speaking Engagements (website re-launch)
  • Finding Ways to make this work sustainable for us.
    • We are looking for sponsors
    • Patron Growth
    • Partnerships
    • Productions

All of this is possible because of you! If you cannot support us financially you can always share our page and episodes, word of mouth is powerful.

Community Guidelines:

  1. Have Compassion for People.
  2. Please Give us Constructive Feedback
  3. Build with Us.

Again thank you thank you for everything. We love ya’ll and happy holidays.

-can you pass me a shot plzzz-

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