When Community Leads

Interview with Antonio Tijerino

January 3, 2021


The story of a community leader who is fierce, authentic, and selfless. Antonio Tijerino is the President and CEO of the Hispanic Heritage Foundation in Washington DC. In this episode, he shares with us his journey to the United States along with what motivates him to continue fighting for justice. Antonio is the kind of person that celebrates everyone. His work is directly lead by those most impacted. He shares with us some of the projects he and many others created to show up for people during COVID. Along with many stories that were turning points in his life. Antonio Tijerino, Rita Urquijo-Ruiz, and Juan Sepulveda were the creators of the Dream Lead Institute (we have interviewed over ten of the fellows.) Toni often tells me he’s counting on me and whenever I feel like giving up...I swear I hear him cheer me on. If you’re looking for that boost of love and empowerment, we gotchu.

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