The Energy Takeback: Reclaim Your Agency in 2022

Interview with Nydia Cardenas

January 24, 2022


In this episode Nydia Cardenas, an Energy Life Coach from Fort Worth, Texas shares how she came to coaching and how she has helped people across the nation take back their energy! Let’s face it - we imagine and build differently when energized than when tired. Working for change can be exhausting but we owe it to ourselves and our communities to model a different way of showing up to social justice work in which we exercise agency over our energy and operate from a place of well-being. Nydia walks me through a coaching exercise around uncertainty and power to model the generative methodology she uses. She also gives listeners ideas and tips on how to better resource yourself for weekly tasks and claim that energy back! I expose myself quite a bit in this episode as we walk through the exercise but I hope in some ways it’s helpful for others as we talk about the uncertainty that comes from being undocumented or a DACA recipient. If you’d like to work with Nydia check out her page and website as linked below!
Show Notes:
The Energy Takeback website
Nydia's coaching page
Generative Knowledge website

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