Climate change and migration presentation slide

Climate Change and Migration

1 Hour

This workshop highlights a global perspective of the impacts of climate change and migration. By 2050 over 200 million to a billion people will be displaced by climate catastrophes. As we view migration as a global issue we must look at climate change through the same lens, it is a global crisis with only a collective solution.

I have spent years working on immigration topics and this is the first time I look at the intersections of climate change. I cannot continue my work without talking about this. We should all be preparing for massive migration in a just way.

The Criminalization, Exploitation, and Disposal of Immigrants presentation screen shot

The Criminalization, Exploitation, and Disposal of Immigrants

1.5 Hours

The Criminalization, Exploitation, and Disposal of Immigrants in terms of history, policy, and the media. This is an extended version of my first TEDx Talk. We have to look at language, policies, institutions to understand the structural system racism forced upon immigrants and undocumented immigrants.

Furthering my research on exploitation and detention this workshop will advance your understanding of the ideologies and institutions that criminalize, exploit, and dispose of immigrants. This workshop will help you view those ideologies and institutions through a different lens to better critically understand the context of US history and undocumented immigrants.

Undocumented students and higher education presentation slide

Undocumented Students & Higher Education

2 Hours

For Educators & Student Affairs Professionals

This workshop is catered to educators and student affairs professionals. It will highlight the importance of being aware and conscious of the undocumented experience in higher education. It will cover a brief explanation of state financial support systems and DACA but heavily focuses on our own biases, internalized racism, and how to better support undocumented students.

I will share pieces of my student experience in higher education and additionally my work as a student affairs professional. This is not a how-to step by step but rather turning inwards with your team and accessing your power in making a difference in your institution for and with undocumented students

Paralles of mass incarceration and mass detention presentation screen shot

Parallels of Mass Incarceration and Mass Detention

45 Minutes

This workshop is to assess the parallels of mass incarceration and mass detention. The public safety narrative has manipulated the American people to adopt racist practices that have caged millions of people. Caging people for profit and labor are acts of violence against humanity. US history paints a clear picture of the targeted abuse towards Black and Brown communities. Our objective is to walk through the parallels you cannot unsee.

This workshop is presented by Victoria Matey and Steven Simmons.

A process of elimination presentation slide

A Process of Elimination

1 Hour

Interactive Session

I’ve done this interactive session with thousands of people! Ranging from all ages, backgrounds, identities. I’ve never given it a name until now but I’ve seen this be effective in every setting I’ve done this in. We start with identifying 4 key components of our lives and unpacking the importance of those. One by one we start eliminating our chosen key components and learning the true importance of sharing those with others. Prepare to get a little more acquainted with your team.

  • 10 minute introduction
  • 45 minutes of activity
  • 10 minutes of closing remarks and Q&A.

This session can be included with all workshops by request.

Border Imperialism presentation slide

Border Imperialism in Our Everyday Lives

50 Minutes

Interactive Session

This workshop will teach you the underlinings of Border Imperialism and we will collectively unpack every section in terms of experience, history, ideas, and examples. As follows: The Displacement of People, Exploitation, Entrenchment of Racialized Hierarchy, and Criminalization. This is an interactive section that will be facilitated as a large group or small group.

  • 10 minute introduction
  • 30 minutes of activity
  • 10 minutes of closing remarks and Q&A.

This session can be included with all workshops by request.