Home is Here?

DACA Supreme Court Hearing

November 28, 2019


Shot of Truth Podcast traveled to Washington DC for the Supreme Court hearing on DACA. We interviewed people from Kansas, San Diego, Laredo, New York, San Francisco and more. Our community is so fucking powerful--it’s wild. Picture this: It was 25 degrees outside, the street in front of the Supreme Court was closed down and of course, there were tons of media. The crowds were flooded with people repping the campaign slogan, “Home is Here.” If you use social media YOU KNOW this campaign slogan. This episode is focused on highlighting the voices that are in the crowd!! The voices that traveled over mountains and rivers to be there for their communities. I also talk shit about, “Home is Here,” while acknowledging the work and thought process that went behind it--we are critical of the things we love most! Always be critical of our movement, of those leading it, of ourselves. We are powerful and this episode celebrates that. We also briefly touch on the report USCIS released, “DACA requestors with an IDENT response.” Funny...how this came out right after the hearing. Enjoy, Home is Here?
Show Notes:
Wonder Women of Tech
Barbera Rivera's Art
Home is Here
San Diego Border Dreamers
Loredo Immigrant Alliance
El Pueblo, Inc
USCIS Report on DACA Recipients

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