Inner Work Collective Freedom

Interview with Laura Bohórquez

April 20, 2022


Laura is the creator of Inner Work Collective Freedom, she helps undocumented BIPOC folks interrogate undocumentedness via collective wisdom, joy, dialogue, learning, unlearning and accountability. She is an educator, facilitator, and foodie at heart. Calling in from Nisenan people’s land she is here to share all of it from her early organizing days to working with United We Dream and the creation of Inner Work Collective Freedom. We talk about what happens as you start aging out of limited narratives of undocumented folks and or the immigrant rights movement. It gets deep and beautiful. Check it out via Spotify, apple podcast, and other podcast platforms!
Show Notes:
Reflections of working at United We Dream
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Interrogating Undocumentedness Program Fundraising Toolkit
FAQ: Interrogating Undocumentedness Program
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