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Interview with Scholarships A-Z

May 25, 2021


Shot of Truth Podcast has the great pleasure of joining Scholarship A-Z-- an immigrant youth-led organization helping undocumented folks access higher education-- in Tucson, Arizona. On today’s episode we are joined by Dario Andrade Mendoza and Jaynelle Granados who are here to share all about the organization and more! This episode is heavy--we talk about the serious implications of living in one of the most conservative states as undocumented and DACA holder folks. We talk about the anxiety and forced experience imposed on immigrants. We also talk about geographical privilege which needs to be at the center of our conversations as undocumented and DACA holders. This episode is all the feels and realness. So much love to our familia at Scholarship A-Z, please check out their website and learn how you can donate and get involved!
Show Notes:
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