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Victoria Matey (she/her/ella)

Podcast Host, TEDx Speaker, Social Entrepreneur

I’m a 28-year-old creator that's hoping to be a 70-year-old creator someday. I'm a creator of ideas, thoughts, content. I daydreamed my early 20s through Business school trying to understand my role in the world as a first-generation queer undocumented woman. Currently, I'm the host of a Shot of Truth Podcast--a podcast created for undocumented people and those affected by border imperialism.

I love working with people and learning in community. During my free time, I like cooking, dancing, and lifting weights. I’ve released two TEDx talks and have been speaking all over the country for several years. I want to have fun and invest in my well being. I just want to be free. I want all of us to be. I hope my work speaks for itself--I love doing it.

TedX Talks