Undoing Ego and Coming to Self

Interview with Christian Bueno

May 3, 2021


This episode is about a person embarking on their healing journey. In this confronting many things like ego, whiteness, inner work, and more. Christian Bueno, the co-founder of Undocuclubhouse—the Dream Network, is our special guest today! We go deep into what his life was like growing up in Utah, the dissociation of emotion, coming to healing and so much more! This is all about self-accountability and coming to self in a new way. This is the third portion of our collaboration and we are moved by the participation, contribution, and connections we have built through this. So much love to Christian and Lizzy, please follow their work at @undocuclubhouse and join their weekly conversations on Sundays! Tune in next week for our final release!
Show Notes:
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