A Matriarchy of Love

Interview with Edwin Soto Saucedo

April 7, 2021


This episode highlights Edwin Soto Saucedo, a queer undocumented person residing in Tongva lands also known as Los Angeles. Edwin is a creative, loving human being. We talk all about missing el perrero and connecting with people. Our conversation includes highlighting the impact large pro-immigration organizations have on our community and society. Along with the narratives that once helped us survive--reviving as criminalizing and elitist internalizations. The generational conversation we have around organizing in the immigrant movement and now realizing if we had focused inward we may have shifted how some of these conversations are reflected upon. He mentions the power womxn have in all movements and the importance of centering and celebrating QTBIWOC. Edwin knows when womxn lead, we win. We are manifesting a meeting at a cumbiaton one day--hopefully with you too!
Show Notes:
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