Financial Liberation for All

Interview with Kevin Muñoz

March 22, 2021


I really have to hype this person up because they’re doing incredible work. Kevin Muñoz came to the United States From Guatemala and has lived across the country in California, Colorado, and New Jersey. He is giving people the tools they need to start navigating the financial world themselves regardless of immigration status. My favorite thing about this is that he does it both in English and Spanish and makes all his work accessible on youtube, podcast platforms, and on his website. In this episode we talk all about investing in yourself, creating a financial vision and the impact Latinos have on the US economy. From retirement to emergency funds to how to buy your first home--Latin American Educational Opportunity Podcast (LEO podcast) has it all. “The LEO Podcast was created with the purpose to breakdown barriers within the Latinx community and shed light on topics that aren’t typically brought up in our households like finances, mental health, politics, and many more.” We also talk about the importance of being a conscious entrepreneur and investor--we are human before anything else. Join us on this episode, Financial Liberation for All.
Show Notes:
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Podcast Website Latin American Educational Opportunities

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