Part 1: Call In to Non-Black Undocumented People

Conversation with Alejandra and Carolina

June 18, 2020


This episode we confront our anti-Blackness as non-Black undocumented latinx womxn. We share how we’ve been processing our role in supporting and uplifting Black lives. Starting with ourselves and extending to our families. We talk about the importance of holding ourselves, families and communities accountable to their anti-Blackness in order to continue fighting for Black communities. Black immigrants are targeted, detained and deported more so than other groups of people. Yet we never talk about this. As the DACA decision arises we want to hold non-Black DACA recipients accountable to not take space from Black Lives Matter but rather partner, collaborate, grow, give and hand over the fucking mic. Enjoy Part One: Call In to Non-Black Undocumented People.
Show Notes:
Why aren’t there more Black people in Oregon?
The 'Double Punishment' for Black Undocumented Immigrants
The State of Black Immigrants

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