Stuck in Chicago: Lines of Affirmation

Lines of Affirmation

July 16, 2019


We were stuck in Chicago. It rained, it hailed, AND we got to record with Yuriana Garcia and Steve Li. We talk about projects they’ve been apart of including the HB1079 Conference and Undocumented and Awkward Series. They shared very personal experiences including coming out as undocumented and seeing family members get detained and deported. It’s a heavy episode but also full of laughter and some serious Cancer feels. Ohhh and we got our palms read and that was an experience for us all. Join us on this exclusive episode Stuck in Chicago: Lines of Affirmation.
Show Notes:
Steve's Youtube Channel. Undocumented and Awkward: Episode 7
Yuriana's Leadership Without Borders Conference, Beyond HB 1079
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Yuriana Garcia on Instagram
Steve Li on Facebook
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