Godfidence and Ceiling Breaker

Interview with Maybelline Perez

January 11, 2021


Maybelline Perez is from El Salvador and came to the United States ten years ago. She tells the story of a conscious entrepreneur with the drive to intentionally build and work with others. Maybelline has started her own design business since the beginning of COVID and has worked with many companies including Vive Cosmetics. She shares what navigating internships and higher education were like and will be graduating at the end of this semester! Maybelline shares so many tips on centering your well-being, self-development, and business management. We are so inspired by this individual, you are the definition of magic.
Show Notes:
Maybelline Perez's Instagram
Immigrant Finance
Immigrants Rising
Radiate Consulting
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Vive Cosmetics
Uvida Shop
Radio Cachimbona
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