Bellingham’s Subdued Sanctuary

Immigration in the Sanctuary City of Bellingham

October 3, 2018


Our podcasters met in Bellingham, Washington in 2016. Immediately after they both started organizing in Bellingham and on their university campus—Western Washington University. This episode covers the immigration history of Bellingham—a border city with Canada. The common narrative is to talk about the US/Mexico border but today we are covering what it’s like to live next to the other national border. Cities throughout the United States have long histories with immigration all varied through specific state and federal laws. Join us in discussing what it’s like to live in Bellingham, Washington, the city of subdued excitement.
Show Notes:
Bellingham Immigration Timeline
Bellingham Becomes a Sanctuary City
Minutemen in Bellingham
Bellingham Sanctuary City Town Hall Meeting
2009 Immigration Raid of Bellingham Plant
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