Interview with Mayra Barragan-O’Brien

November 4, 2022


This week we are joined by Mayra Barragan-O’Brien the creator of Undocu.mentalthealth. Mayra is an Undocumented Therapist creating content to share resources and knowledge on mental health and immigrant rights. She is also the co-host of UndocuChisme a podcast she started with her sister to share stories and decolonize chisme! In this episode, Mayra talks about her family and life experiences that led her to pursue a career as a Mental Health Professional. We talk about relationships, boundaries, and navigating systems such as institutions of higher education. Plus all the ins and outs of Undocu.mentalhealth! The impact her platform has made is loud and she’s here to be real about it. Enjoy!
Show Notes:
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